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If you have commercial receivables and are waiting on payments, Capital Plus can help. 

Credit Evaluations
Invoice Management
Payment Processing
Invoice Financing

Capital Plus specializes in Accounts Receivable Management and Financing. 

A/R Management is essential to the health and well being of every business.  Accounts Receivable is often one of the largest assets on a company's balance sheet - it requires management, attention, and consistency. We provide credit evaluations, invoice & document management, payment processing and comprehensive reporting.  Utilize your talent in revenue producing activities... let Capital Plus manage the A/R.   

A/R Financing provides management clients with access to capital without incurring debt or navigating a lengthy application and approval process.  Management clients have the ability to advance against invoices, for a transaction fee, often times much less than that of a merchant services fees.  Invoice financing can act as a phenomenal tool to finance growth cost effectively, strategically, and with long term goals in mind.  

Capital Plus is actively looking for growth focused clients who value the A/R management services and can benefit from the flexibility associated with receivable financing.  

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